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FQ Power Increment Corer

In the mid 1990’s CSIRO developed the Trecor increment corer, designed to take a 12mm diameter increment core from both standing softwood and hardwood trees. While hand-coring radiata pine is hard work, taking cores manually from a eucalypt is often impossible, even if only using a 5mm diameter hand icrement borer. Borers will often break before the core can be completed.

The development of SilviScan in the 1990’s (http://www.csiropedia.csiro.au/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=426334) led to the need for a means of coring hundreds of trees quickly and (relatively) easily than is possible with hand borers. In addition SilviScan was designed to work on samples prepared from cores 10-12 mm diameter. Apart from the difficulties in processing small diameter corers for analysis, they also tend to break easily and can often exhibit significant distortion (twisting) as a result of coring.

David Spencer (CSIRO) led the development of an increment borer designed to take 12 mm cores using a petrol driven engine utilising a coupling installed in a conventional drill chuck. The result was the Trecor corer, which was produced under licence and sold by CSIRO until the mid-2000’s. Primarily designed for coring plantation eucalypts, with a view to a single operator being able to take 60-100 cores per day, it also works well in softwoods. Its use was briefly described in the 1997 by Downes et al., “Sampling Plantation Eucalypts for Wood and Fibre Properties”. It takes a 12 mm core, leaving a 22mm hole in the tree.  Commercial production of the Trecor ceased in the mid to late 2000's.

Forest Quality has been working with an experienced tool maker to produce an improved increment corer. This is now ready for sale and utilises the same coupling as the Trecor.

The FQ-Corer operates in a similar manner to the Trecor, but has been redesigned to include more flutes to improve the removal of drill swarf. Likewise these flutes have a steeper angle, which allows more swarf to be removed in each cutting cycle and facilitate the removal of the swarf. Internal clearances have been modified to allow the increment corer to be removed part way through coring with less risk of damaging the core during removal or re-insertion of corer.

Like the Trecor, the FQ-Corer requires a cyclical use as demonstrated in the clip below. This clip is preliminary to the production of a more detailed training video and shows the use of the CSIRO Trecor unit.  Once started into the tree, the corer is repeatedly inserted to remove wood swarf around the core, then almost fully withdrawn to allow swarf to be released prior to reinsertion.

Forest Quality is currently supplying these increment corers, along with coupling and extraction tools as required, in 200, 300, 400 and 500mm lengths. The shorter corer is intended for use in taking outerwood cores, increasingly being used in forest wood quality assessments. (Price on application)


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