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Analysis Costs

 The table below includes only the basic analytical services we offer.  Please email us if your specific need is not included.  If we cannot provide the service you require we will endeavour to suggest other possible providers.

note: Partners to the CRC Forestry will receive a 15% discount on these prices.  In addition price per unit will diminish with larger sample sets.  This can be provided upon request.

Analysis         $AUD        
Drill frass grinding & NIR KPY or cellulose $18.00
Drill frass grinding & NIR KPY & cellulose $20.00
Drill frass grinding & Loboratory cellulose analysis $65.00
Woodchipping grinding & NIR KPY or cellulose $48.00
Woodchipping grinding & NIR KPY and cellulose $50.00
Woodchipping grinding & Laboratory cellulose analysis $85.00
Does not include grinding and assumes dry woodmeal is delivered
Laboratory cellulose $45.00
NIR cellulose $12.00
NIR KPY $12.00
NIR KPY & cellulose $14.00
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