Need to Measure Pulp Yield in Standing Trees?

for the past 10 years we have been developing Near Infra Red spectroscopic models to predict kraft pulp yield in small eucalypt wood samples... in an affordable manner. 

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About Forest Quality

Forest Quality is based in Franklin, Southern Tasmania and offers a range of analytical, research and service products.  In particular we offer an low cost NIR-based measureement of kraft pulp yield and cellulose content of eucalypt wood samples as small as 1 gram.

We service the global market and are able to work with forest growers and users from around the world.  We can provide advice on the design and implementation of sampling programs, and generate easy-to-follow, sampling guidelines.  We are willing to travel and undertake or assist in these programs.

We have experience in the analysis of SilviScan data, as well as the installation, operation and analysis of high resolution dendrometer data (

Please contact us if you require further information.

Geoff Downes
FQ Senior Scientist


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