Need to Measure Pulp Yield in Standing Trees?

for the past 10 years we have been developing Near Infra Red spectroscopic models to predict kraft pulp yield in small eucalypt wood samples... in an affordable manner. 


HomeForest Quality's mission: to assist commercial forest growers to produce more valuable trees at a lower cost.

Commercial wood production requires growing the greatest volume of the most valuable wood for the lowest cost in the shortest time. For most growers this is targeted on volume. We want to help this development to include key commercially important wood properties, such as wood density, stiffness, pulp yield and dry matter content.

We specialise in robust NIR specctroscopic calibrations for the prediction of Kraft pulp yield, cellulose content and chip basic density using high-resolution laboratory instruments.  While  current analysis costs for these properties are much lower than other, more traditional techniques, we are working on a range of next-generation NIR techniques that should improve their cost-effectiveness.  Eventually, utilising new low-cost portable NIR spectrometers, we hope to be able to support customers who want to develop their own in-house analytical capability. 

Based in Franklin in southern Tasmania, Australia we work with commercial and research partners around the world.  We can

  • provide expertise in a range of laboratory or field based wood property assessment technologies. 
  • advise on sampling programs in the planning phase and oversee their implementation.  
  • undertake field sampling and providing the analytical capability to deliver wood property assessments for a range of commercially valuable properties 




FQ & CSIRO have been successful in an application to the FWPA to validate the eCambium process-based model to radiata pine in the Murray-darling basin. Details of eCambium can be read here

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